Peterstone Court Restaurant

Eating is the most important thing we do, yet few of us know the story behind the food on our plates – we do!

One thing we are very proud of is that our meat and poultry is reared on our family farm just seven miles away in Llangynidr, so we know exactly what Donald the duck has been fed throughout his life, and therefore what we are feeding you.

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Our food is always seasonal, using fresh, home reared ingredients.

Our farm has recently been trialing with air dried beef – leaving it hang for 4–5 weeks. It tastes fantastic and it’s now on our menus. A definite incentive to have Sunday lunch out rather than at home!

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Our food is about community. From the customers and friends who choose to eat with us; to Martin who takes care of the animals on our farm; to our local producers and suppliers.

By using local produce we hope to lessen our impact on the environment.

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If you have been thinking of giving us try for dinner, now is a great time – if it ever stops raining our terrace with views of the Beacons is fantastic for blue sky dining!!

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